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Palko-Farben / Paint / Dyes

Palko-Farben is an independend Austrian Company, succesfully operating for over
15 years in the paint, dye and applied arts sector.
Hence, the company has become the largest hobby-paint producing company in Austria. We are cooperating with other companies formulating similar products.
Today Palko-Farben (Palko-paints) is operating through his wholesale dealers in all countries all over Europe.
Our company places great emphasis on having good value range of high quality products with a fashion content. The product range now includes paints for kindergarden and schools, artists and hobby artists.
Palko-Farben enter into competition with the world's leading brands, because our products meet the highest quality requirements and have very fair price, together with a modern and functional design. All our products are provided with EAN Codes and ingredients list and are non toxic.